Monday, February 1, 2016

Importance of Continuous and Honest Communication between Client and Attorney:

You're Injured, Now What?
An update to keep you informed on personal injury situations.

Communication is key when filing a law suit. In order to be successful, both the attorney and their client must communicate regularly and with complete honesty. It is the responsibility of the attorney to keep their client up to date on all legal proceedings and the progress of their case; however, it is equally as important that the client update their attorney on their current condition and keep their attorney informed of any new or prior circumstances that could possibly expose the client to legal scrutiny or jeopardize the case. Information such as a history of prior injuries, warrants, or arrests can be lethal to a case if they blind side an attorney during trial. By hiding previous blemishes on their records, clients often appear devious and deceptive during trial and loose the favor of the jury.   While they can’t change the past, attorneys can deal with these issues if they are informed of them and can even work the case around them if they are given adequate notice. Often times attorneys are able to prohibit the other side from using these facts against their client and therefore eliminate prejudice against the client for past occurrences not relevant to the matter at hand. By simply communicating with their attorney honestly, clients can save themselves a lot of hassle and embarrassment in the end. 


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