Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Attorney’s Personal Touch is Important

You're Injured, Now What?
An update to keep you informed on personal injury situations.

Most people think that when they hire a Personal Injury Attorney they actually get an attorney to work for them.  Usually that is partially true.  I say that it is partially true because some law firms very much limit what the attorney’s will do for personal injury clients.  After the initial introduction with a client some firms will use a “Claims Administrator” or other individual to handle the file to a conclusion.  In fact, many times it is that same individual who actually settles the claim.  The attorney’s involvement is usually limited to the first introduction with the client.  That may very well be the last time that the attorney either talks to or sees his client again.  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to know how a law firm handles their cases before hiring them.  The Law Offices of Kennith L. Peterson the personal injury attorney’s keeps contact with their clients throughout the pendency of the claim.  While secretaries, paralegals, and law clerks are used to assist with the file, the attorney’s are always available to discuss your case.  The attorney’s handle the negotiations for settlement.  The personal injury attorney’s at the Law Offices of Kennith L. Peterson enjoy their work and are available to discuss pending claims with their clients.  If you live in Placentia, Yorba Linda, Brea, Anaheim, Fullerton, or surrounding area, contact one of the attorney’s at the Law Offices of Kennith L. Peterson for a confidential and free evaluation of your claim. 


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